Marketing & Managing Social media

Social media marketing is one form of digital advertising that helps you get your brand out there and boost its credibility. SMM also measures how your customers react to your brand, draws you in new customers, and strengthens your bond with your current customers. It’s all about building ties!

Over 1 billion people use Facebook, 500 million use Twitter, and 200 million use LinkedIn. For a business to bypass such platforms is like hopping around on one leg. Thus, more and more companies are looking towards social media in order to tap into this massive potential client base. Keep in mind, driving this isn’t simply marketing one’s product either! Rather, social platforms serve a multitude of purposes: promoting your business, finding out who and where your competition is, and helping your customers relate to your brand, alongside learning who your target audience is, understanding what they need, and obtaining their feedback. If you look at the broader picture, social media offers you the comfort and continuity that no newspaper ad could ever afford you. At the same time, the data it generates for you can help pave your way toward new strategies and markets.

Wanting to feel important and special is very much a human trait. If you focus too much on “preaching to the masses” so to speak, you may overlook people’s individuality—a potentially grave mistake. Even though colossal factories and hubs of commerce are now eclipsing most small businesses, human relations, trade, and industrialization do not evolve parallel to one another. Here, no matter what, communication always maintains its own value. This hence is why businesses that interact with their customers one-on-one boast a significantly more loyal following than their counterparts who opt to interact on a broader, much less individual scale. You must remove the barrier between you and your customers and hear their needs out if you wish to stay afloat. You have to make them feel special and gain their trust. Choosing to do this means that before you know it, your brand will begin to travel far by word of mouth—an effective and inexpensive advertising tool that ought not to be underestimated!

Social media is a highly effective platform capable of showing you where your customers come from, how well-educated they are, how old they are, and what they like—and don’t like—about your brand. It also allows you to directly mingle them! No other digital platform enables you to learn this much about your customers.

At Albus Agency, our team of social media gurus will help you enhance your brand’s worth, develop digital content, gather data on both your customer and competitor profile, expand your audience base, promote your trademark, and increase traffic to your website.


What we do:

  • Social media account management – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube
  • Social networking
  • Advertising & video production
  • Content development
  • Data mining & analytics


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