Search Engine Optimization "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines. SEO is a method that companies can use to increase their competitiveness, awareness, and profit margins and continue their existence in the ever-evolving digital world.

The most important criterion for search visibility is the textual content of a website, including graphics and images. When ranking a search engine website, the compatibility of the content on the websites with the search criteria is first tested. If your website does not have the appropriate content and also has a lot of code bugs, search engines will not add your page to the list even if you are the best candidate for the search criteria. The corresponding content and error-free codes are also not sufficient to rank high on the search lists. There are many components that must be addressed in order to rank high on search engines. These components go through processes that are complex and need to be carefully considered. Carefully and carefully crafted website content, appropriate meta tags, and competitor analysis, determining how your target audience thinks and searches, and doing a proper investigation will help your website rank higher in search engine results.

As "Albus Agency" SEO specialists, we have extensive experience in the art of search engine optimization. We strive to provide the best search rankings for the keywords and search terms you want. always different and new customers, we enable you to meet your constantly changing search engine to follow trends in the world and in Turkey.

Search engine optimization includes several test cases. For a good SEO job, the search engine spiders need to be monitored using maximum availability and up-to-date techniques for the visitor. Thanks to the monthly maintenance and update services that we carry out with our team, we will find the most suitable tactic for your website and keywords and move your website to higher ranks in search engines. No matter how familiar you are with your market and your industry, by choosing clearer monthly marketing tactics. We make your visibility more permanent. During search engine optimization, we follow the steps below.

Step 1: analysis

We analyze your company, your market, your market conditions and your competitors. In this process we have the opportunity to get to know the language of your industry better.

Step 2: filter

We filter the information we received during the analysis process to make it ideal for you and your industry.


Step 3: development

In this phase, we use the information we filter to develop strategies that match your SEO goals. Here are some techniques we'll use to make a heavy investment for your website:

• Establishing a connection

• Quoting

• Setting up and monitoring the Google Webmaster Tools

• Fill out the setup and tracking / contact form with Google Analytics

• Site updates and suggestions

• Optimization, including title, meta, and image tags

• Usability tests

• Link strategy proposals

• Link feed recommendations

• Content suggestions

• Social media suggestions


Step 4: application

We realize the ideas that we plan as the result of committed work.

SEM - (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM "Search Engine Marketing" is a paid advertising and marketing strategy for increasing the visibility of websites in search engines. Such a marketing strategy pays the website for visitors who are directed through the search engine. Since Google is the most widely used search engine in our country and worldwide, these operations are usually done through Google. The "Google AdWords" tools and related applications developed by Google for Internet advertising are generally the most widely used product.

Google AdWords is the most complicated and functional SEM tool ever developed with many modules. Google has partnerships with thousands of sites such as Youtube, Blogger, and AOL that can serve AdWords ads.

If your current website has not been Search Engine Optimized and you want to be successful in the business world as soon as possible, introduce your company and create awareness. SEM is the most suitable solution to meet your needs. In this context, SEM can be seen as a quick stepping stone in the business world.

There are many factors to consider in search engine marketing. A successful SEM campaign can only

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