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Web Design The first place the audience looks to gather information is your website. Your website's impression on your potential customers is very important when they are in contact with you or when they shop. Your window, which opens outwards and also shows you in your sleep, is your shop window. If you see design not just as a simple infrastructure of codes and images, but also as a tool that creates your corporate identity and offers you new advantages, you will go one step further in your area. As "Albus Agency" team, we offer websites that are easy to use, optimized for search engines, highlight your company or brand and add value to your company and are suitable for your target group.


We enable you to gain the loyalty of your customers who visit your website by optimizing your website in terms of content, function and visualization with our young, dynamic and experienced staff who are experts in web design, software and SEO , carry out international work, follow technological developments and represent our corporate identity with our young, dynamic and experienced employees.


We build a strong corporate identity for you by using the latest design practices and online technologies, and by adhering to the structure of your brand to help our valued customers achieve their marketing goals. While we develop search engine-friendly content for your products and services, we offer you the most suitable solutions for your online advertising campaigns according to the goals, market objectives, and budget of your company.


Together with our professional software team, we implement virtual and invisible projects for your site and realize functional and ergonomic projects that use fewer resources. Experience this process with us. The methods we follow in the design process: Web Design - Planning Phase We work with you to get to know your company and understand your expectations. During the project, you will have the opportunity to see your work closely and better understand your customer base. We record your expectations and goals. The one-on-one meeting and discussion phase is the most important phase for working with concrete data in the design process. You know yourself and your company best.


We then examine global innovations related to your industry and evaluate how those innovations will contribute to it. We analyze the positions of your local and global competitors and collect statistical data. Web Design - Design Phase We start creating efficient and original designs, user interfaces, and graphics, as well as search engines compatible with our design team according to your expectations and goals from your website according to your expectations and goals. We prepare your website not only as a visual infrastructure but also as your corporate roof by evaluating all variables.


Web design - strategy definition and business department: We share the information we gathered during the planning phase with our marketing, SEO, software, and content development experts and exchange ideas. We develop strategies for our visual and literary content and style by developing market research and considering your target audience. We are presenting the draft that we have created at this point for approval. After getting from you, let's move on to other stages.


Web Design - Programming Phase The main purpose of your website is to satisfy your customers, respond to their needs, offer targeted solutions, and highlight the features that set you apart from your competitors. Providing you and your customers with a comfortable digital environment is not only about a good-looking website, but also the location of your sitemap, its content, the graphics used, and ease of search engine availability.


Our experts for web development, e-mail, content management systems (CMS) that your website needs, and user and product information such as databases, text content, CSS, HTML, PHP, C #, RUBY ON RAILS, JAVASCRIPT, XML. It codifies MYSQL languages ​​according to W3C standards. The testing phase is the most important phase of the project. In this phase, we test the functionality of your website in search engines, user interfaces, the content management system, the functionality of your page in different browsers, the usability and compliance with the W3C standards. It is our strongest goal to deliver an original website that is written in perfect code and that adds value to your brand.

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