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Our age is described as the age of information and communication. Although new technologies related to information and communication are produced almost daily, it is no longer possible to meet the ever-changing needs of institutions with standard technologies alone. Changing working, supply, and demand conditions are bringing the needs of institutions together. As “Albus Agency" we offer unique solutions for the needs of institutions with our many years of experience in business software. With our team, we have the hardware and experience to realize all software needs of your company, from the design phase to the deployment.

If you are looking for a long-term business partner who will code your creative ideas, differentiate you from your competitors, and provide convenience to your customers; With “Albus Agency" you are making the right move. They provide full-time support, increase your vision and efficiency, and provide affordable original solutions.


Mobile applications


Mobile websites


It is no coincidence that mobile phones and tablet computers are becoming more and more popular. People also want to spend their time walking down the street or sitting in the park. Finding the most effective and simple solution is a feature of the human structure.


Since Internet access is an easy option for people, the number of people accessing the Internet is increasing every day. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you can push back a large customer base. Mobile websites are an important requirement today.


It is the reflection of the corporate image. The new market gate consists of location-independent billboards and is an important pillar for a loyal customer base.




There is no one who does not know that people make sudden decisions when shopping and that those decisions are universal for that moment. Decision-making only takes a few seconds for the brain to process these processes, although it goes through complex stages in the human mind. By any measure, considering the psychology of marketing, reaching the masses through broader channels is a useful strategy.




As “Albus Agency" team, we have the necessary experience, knowledge, and equipment to create an innovative and effective mobile website. We make your existing website compatible with the world's most used iPhone and Android platforms and also implement mobile websites from start to finish. The essential that we emphasize in this process is the best possible user experience. While we make your site mobile compatible, we want your site to load fast and look good on mobile devices with low download speeds. In the realization of mobile-compatible websites, we realize ergonomic, accessible, user-friendly, original, and interesting content and functional projects.



Application Development for iPhone


Draft and Feasibility Study


We are preparing a draft of the application to be prepared in this process. During the preparation of the design, we conduct various measurement evaluation tests by analyzing the current market conditions and the target customer base according to your needs and expectations. We prepare the technical and operational feasibility, scope and development plan of the application to be developed in the same process.


Development Phase 


This phase is the phase in which the main application was developed. We develop the application as a team, involving you within the framework of the program that we established in the feasibility phase. Our application development experts have professional knowledge of Apple application development tools such as Xcode, Cocoa Touch Frame, and C object-based software language. Adding maximum functionality to the application with minimal code is one of our main goals. We put the project through a series of tests to verify the quality of the application.




Approval process and development




Just developing the application is not a sufficient criterion for us. We'll also help you open a developer account on the App Store and guide you through the approval process required for the application we've developed to take its place on the App Store shelves. In the last phase we work on the marketing of the application, promotional activities and visibility.




Application Development for iPad




Once introduced to the market, iPad tablets have quickly grown into a huge sector in both device sales and the mobile application market. Portability, multimedia features, speed, and quality have made iPad tablets one of the best of their kind. Today it is one of the indispensable parts of the business world.


Although iPad applications share similarities with iPhone application technology, the realistic user experience offered to the consumer differs from iPhone. Today there are thousands of iPad applications developed in various fields such as business, entertainment, gaming, web, e-commerce, electronic books, video, email, and enterprise applications.



Our team is experienced and professional in both iPhone application to iPad application conversion and new iPad application implementation. High-quality, functional and marketable iPad applications are the main addresses that you can trust. Our experts have a very good command of iPad simulators, software development tools, and software testing processes. We have the knowledge and expertise too easily convert your ideas into an iPad application. We work with you from the design phase through the development phase to the subsequent support and marketing processes.




We understand your needs and expectations and divide your project into processes. Providing perfect solutions to your needs and goals with a complete team understanding in your iPad application development projects is our most important criterion. If you want to turn your ideas into codes, you can take the right step with “Albus Agency". For your iPad application requirements, you can contact us using the form below or by phone.



Application Development for Android




Android tablets are a fairly new technology. These tablets with many different versions are made by different manufacturers. Although the brands are different, the operating system used is Android and it is commonly referred to as Android tablets.


With different screen sizes, different functions, and features, developing applications for these tablets require a lot of expertise and know-how. “Albus Agency" is a team that knows what it is doing in this field. It is our philosophy to provide applications that are easy to use, functional and fun for you. As in any project, when developing mobile applications for Android tablets, we first divide our work into processes.




First, we listen to your ideas and set a roadmap for the application to be developed. We listen to your expectations and goals and, with our team of experts, prepare drafts of how you can turn your ideas into flawless applications. If there are important and missing parts, we state our opinion on this. During the development of your application, we test the quality, speed, and functionality of the application many times.




After completing the project, we will take the necessary actions to get your application onto the Google Play shelves. We want to make sure that the Android tablet application we develop is bug-free and easily climbs the Google Play shelves. If you have an application idea for Android tablets and want to get started with “Albus Agency", make the right move with this team that will support you from start to finish. If you need an Android tablet application, you can contact us using the form below or by phone.




The database can be considered as an intelligent library or information management system in which information is electronically and systematically stored and changes can be made. The key features that differentiate databases from a book or other data storage methods are intelligent association with data, stored in a secure environment, easily accessible data, and managing more data with less effort. A database can be used by one person or can be used multiple times.



Today, databases are used in almost every area of ​​business, from banks to medium and small institutions. Some of these are databases that store inventory, customer information, business income and expenses, orders, and product information.



The database installation is done with database management systems. Here, too, a database model is taken into account when installing databases. Database models determine how and under what conditions data is stored and managed. Although the hierarchical database model, network database model, object-oriented database model, and document-oriented database model are some of these models; The most widely used model today is the relational database model, in which data is stored in rows and columns, i.e. in tables.



The development of the computer and service sector now makes it impossible to work without a database. If the old data storage methods were still valid today, huge warehouses and shelves were needed to store data in the ever-growing and evolving business world. For example, if you go to a bank and want to make a transaction, it would probably take hours for the bank teller to find your account information on huge shelves. You may not be able to do this at another branch, but ATMs may not.




If you want information about your order from an institution, chances are the clerk on the phone will say, "Please call in an hour so I can give you information about your order." However, thanks to databases, infinite information can be modified and stored with just a few clicks, and data can be accessed very quickly regardless of location. In particular, it offers companies tremendous advantages in today's market and competitive environment, as it offers less hassle and convenience for customers and employees.




Economically, it also minimizes the costs of the institutions. Databases with intelligent systems can very quickly, without your help, carry out complicated transactions, inventory, customer information, accounts, income and expenses and many other operations without thinking, and allow your customers to conduct their own transactions online. If you don't already have a database, you may be reproducing the books by hand, not at the printer's. As a result, the database means better competition, fewer employees, fewer errors, and lower costs. Don't deprive your institution of this unique system.






Our criteria and contributions




Setting up the database essentially requires long-term processes that need to be carefully considered. We believe that it will be installed in databases, developed and updated in the long term according to the needs. For this reason, we are considering long-term cooperation with institutions. Each institution has its own structure and needs. For us it is an indispensable need to work together with the institutions when creating a database, understanding their needs and structure, acting within these criteria and not as an option.




As “Albus Agency" we offer solutions for the database requirements of the institutions. We support you not only in the coding phase, but also in determining your database requirements. We install and develop organization specific databases in MYSQL, MS SQL SERVER, ACCES, ORACle, DB2 and MONGODB languages ​​and regularly update and develop your existing databases according to your new needs. We bring the database you need to your company with our internationally experienced team, which is always updated according to the global digital revolution. In this way we minimize your expenses and manpower and create added value for your company.

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