Promotional Film

A commercial is a product, brand or service. This is the name of the short film being promoted on TV, cinema or the internet. The purpose of publishing commercials is to raise awareness and market a product or service to more buyers and build trust in the potential customer's subconscious.

During the film, the audience's senses should be stimulated and their attention drawn to the film. Strategically viewed many moving images, music, graphics, dialogue, facial expressions, etc. Using communication methods, it is determined that the viewer has an innovation, that there is a new product or service, and it tries to evoke the feeling that a purchase of that product or service is required. As is well known, advertising not only aims to increase the sales of a product, but also allows brand awareness to thrive. If there were no advertising, new products in today's market would probably not achieve brand status.


Your product or service may be top-notch. But if they cannot reach large crowds and create awareness; It may mean walking on the treadmill, not the street.

We provide the necessary infrastructure and service for the promotion and promotion of your institution as “Albus Agency". With our advertising experts, we determine the most suitable advertising method for your company by following the competitors and current environmental conditions as well as changing competitive conditions.

In order to create a marketing mix and marketing plan and to reach the target market and audience, it is essential for growing businesses to work with a competent and professional team in all aspects of visual media.


Professional management, as well as senior management, marketing, sales, and research and development activities, help your company to make money in the short and medium term. You can contact us for your promotional film by phone or using the form below.


graphic design


Graphic design is the art of visual communication that combines words and ideas to convey a message to an audience. The person who takes this job as a profession is known as a graphic designer. The most important tool in graphic design is again the designer.

Today, graphics have taken place in almost every area of ​​our lives. Graphics are available almost everywhere from books, magazines, websites, product packaging, advertisements, brochures, posters, greeting cards, newspapers, business cards, posters and business signs, including traffic signs on the road.


Although graphic images are created manually, digital works are more common these days. Design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Corel Draw are the most commonly used graphic design programs.


The most important factor in designing a graphic is the medium in which the graphic will be used. Various methods are used for print and digital media (television, internet). The media environment in which the graphic is presented mainly affects color models (RGB, CMYK, HSV). Whether the selected color model is printable in the print environment is an important consideration that a designer should take into account before beginning the project. It is important to know that graphic quality decreases when used in wrong media environment, RGB suitable for digital environments and CMYK color models better suited for printing. A good graphic designer should have a perfect understanding of what color models mean.


Another important aspect of the media is the possibility of differences between the target groups. For example, while the average age of a newspaper has a predictable audience, it may not be immediately possible, if at all, to determine the average age of a website's readers or followers. Another difference is that the web environment is non-interactive and the print media is non-interactive. The area to be used in a magazine or newspaper is limited due to the number and structure of the pages, but is optional and required on the web page. Because of this, it is inevitable that the strategies to be established during the design phase will vary depending on the media environment in which the graphic will be presented.

We don't just design graphics as “Albus Agency". We are more than a graphic design agency. In addition to our experienced graphic designers, we are integrated with our marketing, software, content, film and statistics experts. During the draft, We create useful solutions for your target group so that you stay longer on your site both on the web and in print media. We analyze your needs, market, competitors. Whether it's online or in print media, we both know very well what the purpose is.


product films


A product also contains values. A product that you have created reflects many of your values ​​and philosophies. Although for some the functionality of the product is paramount, most people care about what kind of philosophy and service is behind the product and that is the only way they relate to the product.


While some images are enough to express a product in some products, in some products it may not be enough. Explaining how to use the product or the assembly phase with moving images adds value to you and your product. This will earn you new benefits over time as a clear sign of your kindness, your respect, and your special and important importance to your customers. A loyal customer base will benefit from this process. By publishing the movie about your product on your website, you will get the right amount of traffic for your website, but you will also move your position up in search engines.

As “Albus Agency" we support you with our experts in this process.


2D 3D Movies


Thoughts can be too broad to be expressed in one sentence. My animations can give the message you want to give without needing dozens of sentences.

We make the ideas you design visible and easy to understand with our animations. As “Albus Agency" we support you in your 2D and 3D projects from the design phase to the animation phase. You can contact us for your animation needs by phone or using the form below.


Corporate catalog and brochure design


In principle, we do not work with ready-made templates when designing catalogs and brochures. Every institution has its own dynamic that differentiates and makes it different. When creating the catalogue, we mainly work together with you. Through negotiations with you, we try to understand your target market, your industry, your competitive environment and your needs and to develop solutions that meet these criteria. In parallel with this process, we also support you in the preparation of content to reduce your costs. Building long-term collaboration with you to provide more effective and practical solutions and add new value to the contributions we offer to your business is one of our main goals.


Our method and criteria


It is very important to get enough data about the target audience before starting the design in order to create the target audience's desire to provide the offered service or product. The average age of the target group, the general level of education, and the social environment in which they live provides important data about them.


Based on this data, it is related to the frequency with which the catalog communicates to impress the target audience, to convince them that they are in the right place for the service or product they are looking for or need, and to to achieve user satisfaction after achieving this goal. The frequency chosen should be able to penetrate deeply into the psychology of the crowd and settle in the subconscious. Audience frequency is an important criterion that we take into account when creating content.


Purposeful designs

There is an art of storytelling, showing that words cannot explain. Even if a person has forgotten what he saw, he has unconscious traces. upload meanings to visual content; Teams specializing in graphics, photography and painting. We work with our experts to create the visual content required for your catalog by considering your target audience and audience. Whether your target audience is young, adult, childish or general will determine what type of catalog we create.


product centralism

It's more important when creating a catalog or brochure that the focus is on the product you want to sell or showcase than that the catalog is purely aesthetic. The main purpose of creating a catalog is to market a product or service. A product that looks bad or not clear leaves no trace on the potential customer.

Would you consider buying a poorly packaged product while you're shopping? The same rule applies to your brochure or catalogue. While we prepare the cataloguen, we bring the product to our main center. Every effort made to better pack the product and reveal the buyer's desire to buy.


Real Pictures

It is very important that the product photo belongs to the product. This ensures your customers' trust and loyalty to you. In addition, it allows the development of a product-specific style for the product. We do not support taking a product photo from the internet or any source other than “Albus Agency". We take real photos of your products with our experienced photographers. We make sure that the graphics and other images we use in the catalogs are original.


Another important issue with images and graphics is the compatibility of the element used with the print quality. With our team we only use quality and graphics in the catalogues. We should not forget that a perfect photo knows exactly what to say.


Big pictures

Large images provide detailed product information. This way, customers know that the product they want to buy and inspect is the product they are looking for. In addition, a large photo of the product can make the product stand out on the page. When you look at the page, it should be clear what the message is supposed to be.



The font style, font family, contrast and font color used in a catalog are the criteria that determine the catalog's interest. It is very important that the font is determined according to the target audience, does not tire the eyes and works correctly in terms of color harmony. A catalog in which the font style, font family and color harmony are well chosen looks professional but also increases the curiosity of the target group. Proper use of font styles and font families reduces visual complexity. We recommend using a maximum of 2 or 3 styles for a catalog. We work with these criteria in mind to prevent your catalog from being thrown away after a few seconds of viewing. We work with awareness and dedication as “Albus Agency".


cover sheets

The cover page is the most important page of a catalogue. Since it is obvious at first glance, we make sure to work with important information and products on this page.


web factor

The launch of catalogs not only for printed matter but also for digital media plays a key role in reaching a wider audience. In addition, it also allows for a cross-relationship. The rapid increase in the number of digital users makes this factor inevitable. The fact that the catalog is visible on your website increases traffic to your website.


We prepare your catalogs as “Albus Agency" so that they can also be used in digital media. A catalog that can be downloaded from the web to the desktop is a huge plus for your brand.


brand identity

Catalog, advertising, and promotion projects also help to create a brand identity and increase awareness of the existing brand. We keep your brand at the fore when creating a catalog. We carefully treat your brand identity on every page of your catalog. This method prepares the ground for your brand to be noticed at first sight and increases the value of your current brand.


be a team


Catalogues; The marketing strategy is formed by mixing many different components such as market analysis, audience data, designs, images, textual content and typography. If each component is processed harmoniously, a meaningful whole can emerge. Processing each of these components also requires different levels of expertise. We are one of those who believe that success is achieved as a team, not on an individual basis. If you need a company catalog and brochure, you can contact us by phone or using the form below.


Do workout movies

If we look at it constructivistically, humans are beings who learn by essentially living. No matter how good a teacher you are, if you don't have a visual weapon up your sleeve, what you're teaching can quickly be forgotten and gone. It is very important to visually and audibly support the learning individual in the learning process in order to have a resource that the individual can look for when needed to save time and effort.


In today's business world, institutions attach great importance to the training of their employees. Ultimately, company employees are the most valuable resources within the institutions. Even if your employees are skilled, they need to keep up with changing world conditions. Based on the industry, new machines, tools and needs are created every day.


Keeping up with this situation is essentially a costly and costly task. For example, the start of production of a new machine that is brought into a factory depends primarily on the knowledge of the personnel who will be using the machine. A promotional film explaining how to use the machine speeds up the learning process. This provides the company with production quality and economic profit.


commercials for companies


Corporate commercials are commercials that represent an institution and whose corporate structure, goals, principles and, in short, philosophy are converted into animated images. In the period in which we are living, institutions are expressing increasing interest in digital media or in the films that they offer in addition to the corporate catalogues. Since the harmony of sound, music and moving images is successful in gaining a permanent place in the human mind, commercials also introduce the institutions visually and aurally. Helps company employees, the target group, to leave a lasting mark on your company in the memories of potential business partners.


Corporate film not only promotes a company, but also increases its image, seriousness and strength. If you have a promotional film of your organization in the file that you submit when bidding for a tender or wanting to partner with another company, you make a positive impression on your target audience.


As “Albus Agency " we help you to bring your institution to the top. We enable your potential business partners and customers who want to contact you by publishing your company film on your website to get fast and accurate information about you without reading pages and doing boring research. We also increase traffic to your website using your visuals in search engines. We help to reach a larger audience by publishing your film on Youtube and social media. With digital media and DVDs, we engrave your institution in the memories of the masses.

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